Sumdog is an online math game for kids of all ages.Sumdog helps students build their math facts so their faster and more accurate.Sumdog is also good for the teachers because while their playing little games their also learning math.It is fun for the kids and most the time they don’t even know there learning but they really are.
One of the parts in sumdog is your animal.Your animal marks how high you have gotten in coins,you earn coins by playing games.You usually start off as a brown rat and then get into endangered animals like a clouded leapord,or a Yellow Crested Cakatoo.
I like sumdog and you should to.

World series

Since 2000 the world series have been won by
2000-New York Yankees
2001-Arizona Diamond backs
2002-Los Angele’s Angles
2003-Florida Marlins
2004-Boston Red sox
2005-Chicago White sox
2006-St. Luis Cardinals
2007-Boston Red sox
2008-Philadelphia Phillie’s
2009-New York Yankees
2010-San Francisco Giants
2011-St. Luis Cardinals
This year I hope the Diamond backs win.They’ve only won one because there the newest team in mlb baseball.The New York Yankees are the oldest team and have one the most world series.

Christmas lights

Every year thousands of people put up christmas lights.usually there are three main types of lights multi,white,and blue.Alot of people put those lights up but if somebody doesn’t it is probally because they got a costume light.
When putting up christmas lights there are many of tools to use like the staple gun,Clips and hangers there is many more than those three but those are most common.When putting the lights up you don’t want to but a clip to far away from another one otherwise it will make a big loop in the bottom and look wierd.You usually want to put a clip about 6-9 inches away from other ones.
This year my family if going to do blue icicle lights.


Last week me and my family went on a camping trip.We went to a place called Oak flats.We did alot of thing.To me the most funnest thing was riding a quad.We road a big quad tha I could barley ride but I did.I rode up and down my campground until my finger went numb.
Another thing that me and my family brought was a trailer.The trailer was sort of big but not to big.There was four beds one tacle a kitchen and a bathroom.In the very back of the trailer there is a bunk bed I have to sleep on top,yay.
We did alot of things while camping and boy was it fun.All two days we were there we had a blast except for when we had to go to sleep.


When I am in school my teacher loves math.Last year all she was is a math teacher.Our teacher says that if you catch her make a mistake in math you will get a pretty neat surprise.So far in our class nobody has caught her yet but I hope I do.
In our last lesson our teacher taught was about triangles.We learned that there is a thing called triganometry and all t is is teaching you about math.My teacher said that if you start taking triganometry in seventh grade by time your in college you still wont know every thing there is to know about triangles.
In class we learned that you can classify a triangle two different ways.One of the ways is by its angle.The other one is by its sides lenght.The three triangles we learned by its angle was acute triangle,obtuse triangle,and right triangle.The three triangle we learned by its sides are the scalene triangle,the equalateral triangle,and the isosoles triangle.
We also learned that if you measure those triangles all of them would all add up to 180 degrees.Actually if you add up any triangle in the whole universe they would all add up to 180 degrees.Almost every type of shape has a rule like a rectangle a square and a parallelogram all of those thing probally have there own rule of what they would add up to.


Wildfires are a very diasteriest problem when it gets out of hand.Wildfires usally start when somebody leaves a cigarette or some lit match and that littls flame causes a really big fire.Wildfires are really hard to put out when they are really big.Millions of firefighters have to put out many fires evry year because of accidents or careless people.Some wildfires burn down house and might effect you.If every single day 2000 acres of forest is burnt down there may be no more anything.So if people start putting out there fires before they leave and dont throw out something with a flame the earth would be a better place.


Thanksgiving is a primarly a holiday for the united states and canada.In Canada Thenksgiving is celebrated on the second monday of October.In the united states Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth thursday of november.
Thenksgiving originated when the Euripeans came over on a voyage to the Native Americans.They both mixed there traditions together and formed thanksgiving.Thanksgiving now is were family’s come together and have a big feast.Usually there is a turkey there.Somtimes that is boiled eggs bread rolls and millions of other yummy food.
In the united states the new modern day thanksgiving traces back to its origin in 1621 in plymouth in massachusetts.There is also evidence of there being earlier harvest celebration by the continet spanish explorers in flordia on 1565,as well as the virginia coloney.

Write a novel in a month

Me and my class are going to start the NaNoWrimo.We have to write like a hundred paged novel in a month.People think that it’s hard and impossible but thousand’s of people do it every time.If you go to nanowrimo’s site it has pep talk’s from real authors that give young writers or beggingers.Nanowrimo is a very good way to help people start a novel or even get inspired to create your own book.

My favorite color

My favorite color is a hot pink.I like the color hot pink for two reasons.One it is helping support brest cancer.Two it looks really good with just about every thing.
My socond favorite color is black I like the color black alot for one reason it goes very well with the color hot pink.
My third favorite color is purple.I like purple for only one reason.One it looks cool on things.

My football

I play for the miners in the leauge of bgyfl and it was awsome.Last saturday I had to drive all the way out to Maricopa to play the cyclones in our last game.No we did not win but we had alot of fun.Playing football is a very good way to get active and it is super fun.Pesonily I like playing baseball more than football.I love playing football and I hope to play football next year.